Commercial Consulting


Our close and personalized treatment of the client and the specialization and experience of our professionals allows us to advise the company in all fields of commercial practice and offer a comprehensive solution to the legal needs of its corporate life.


Our Commercial Law department provides a comprehensive advisory service on corporate law from the beginning of the life of the company, at the time of its constitution and until the termination of its legal personality, through advice in the search for solutions to all legal needs that can be manifested on a daily basis of the company. 

This includes our advice on:

  • Incorporation of companies. 
  • Reform, update of its statutes and internal regulations.
  • Capital increase and reduction.
  • ​​Issues related to the transfer of shares / company shares.
  • Legal Advisory Services of trading companies. Support or direct performance of secretarial functions of the Boards of Directors or other administrative bodies of the companies.
  • Partner agreements. Negotiation, preparation and writing of the agreements. 
  • Dividend policy, compensation system for administrators and executives.
  • Company transformations. 
  • Business restructuring processes (M&A, spin-offs, global assignment of assets and liabilities).
  • Negotiation of resolution clauses of blocking situations and in the defense of the interests of the company, its partners or directors in a situation of corporate conflict.


  • Preparation, negotiation, analysis and interpretation of business contracts, regardless of the activity sector or its legal nature, terms and conditions, orienting our services to simplify the complexity inherent in commercial operations.
  • Acquisition agreement of companies, businesses, participations and assets.
  • Franchise, agency, representation and commercial distribution agreements.
  • Associative agreements (participation accounts, joint venture).
  • Commercial leases.
  • Loan agreements, participative loans, intercompany financing, etc.


The transfer of the Family Business is the main problem faced by most family businesses. 

Atrium Asesores analyzes the difficulties that they may encounter in their life cycle over the years.  Economic and family problems in succession, and the opportunities offered by the constitution of family protocols, inclusive of the establishment of governing bodies that facilitate the success and continuity of these companies, based on solutions with proven positive experience, including the following:

  • Tax and legal planning of family assets.
  • Legal and tax design of business succession.
  • Legal control structure of the company.
  • Legal - tax relations between company and family.
  • Family protocols.
  • Legal protection.
  • Inheritance law advisory.
  • Specific seminars for each family on Family Business issues.


  • Corporate conflicts. 
  • Execution of shareholder agreements.
  • Liability actions against administrators. 
  • Challenge of corporate agreements. 
  • Contract resolution and termination procedures.
  • Procedures on validity, interpretation and execution of civil and commercial contracts.

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